That Nostalgic Feeling……..
Posted on April 1, 2016
The phone vibrated next to me, transecting the
delicate connection I had with my Physiology
textbook. Muttering irritably, I peered at the
display but there was no contact information to
be seen. Just an unidentified number.
‘Now, that really does it’, I mumbled.
Sliding my middle finger across the screen. I
picked up the call, saying ‘Hello’ tentatively. A
fleeting thought crossed my mind—‘it might be
those MTN people, they seem to be everywhere
I go’. But a male voice responded, ‘Hello’.
‘Do you know who is on the line?’ the voice said.
Oh no! Not tonight again. How the heck am I
supposed to know who it is…I’m not psychic, fah.
But instead of flaring up and hanging up (my
very specialty), I replied with a cool ‘No, I
Then the voice did what it should have done at
the start. It introduced its possessor…who
turned out to be a long-lost friend of mine. Yay!!!
I instantly had a mood reset, put aside the
textbook and laid on my bed to better enjoy the
Oh dear friend! How much I’ve missed you.
We talked for about 8 minutes or so. Not long,
huh? Yeah, I guess… but it was enough to buoy
up my spirits and lighten up my dreary night.
Talking about the wonderful not-so-long past,
memories and even mutual friends –yeah! All
within 8 minutes
–delighted and brought smiles to my face.
All too soon, we said our goodnights with the
promise to keep in touch, exchanging pictures
and even meeting up soon. With the echoes and
flashes of the recent past resounding in my
conscious mind, I settled back down to my
‘beloved’ textbook to finish from where I left off.

Conversely, images of the bygone raced through
my mind bringing forth the feeling of wistfulness
in me. Yielding to it, I laid down and then drew
out the sweet memories, examining each with
the focus of a surgeon. Feeling warmth and
euphoria, I roused from the enveloping
sweetness of recollections. Surfacing into reality,
I clasped the plastic pen, grabbed the jotter and
set about rekindling the severed connection
with the big bulky textbook.
And then, the phone vibrates again!maryam


About Amoo Yusuf {Hamyz}

A cool and calm headed guy, studied computer science in one of Nigeria tertiary institution, specialist in computer hardware and software engineering..a passionate nd loving being..follow me on twitter @hamootunde, BBM 239EEB08..Email»» whatsapp no: 08142940158...
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