This post has nothing to do with any individual, as it is a true life story and was purely written as it happened, in which no sugar coated, adding or subtracting of words was done. And if any part of this post is to be share, copy and paste to any social media platform, there should citations and if possible a permission from the author.
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I woke up around 3:12 am only to realized I have been dreaming all day long, it was such a bizzare dream, that I kept asking myself, how and why did such dream occurred in the first place. I was just awoken from a bizzare dream, after having a boring day, which later led me to slept off the previous night. I was flabbergasted and I decided to switch on my phone in order to check for updates from my instant messenger applications and more importantly to make the dream out of context for that moment. I switched on my phone and all I could see was a message from a lovely sister (turned family).
As I glanced through her messages, the thought of the obfuscate dream rang through my heart to the brain. I was afraid of the obloquy that could arise if the dream should become a reality..LOL
The dream was more or less a romantic stage play to me, in the dream, all I could see was a charming and young beautiful lady in between the age of 19 or 20 years of age, I couldn’t picture the exact setting of the romantic drama, but the charming lady is not a stranger to me, and has been my very good friend since I met her in the last few years.

We have been talking and gisting about some kinda issues and I never notice her move nor suspected if any strange romantic drama could occur. Sincerely speaking, I had no romantic feelings for this beautiful friend of mine, but she has always been part of my life due to one reason or the other. I loves her, but it was a mere platonic kinda of love, and moreover she was someone that I could do almost everything for, mainly because I adores her so much.

Our discussions wasn’t a romantic nor a love story, I couldn’t figured what triggered her to make the first move move…Hmmmmm!!!! 😌, all I could imagine and felt at that moment, was like am in seventh heaven..😚…..as I felt and embrace the first touch of her soft, sweet and perfect lips 👄 tentatively..Damn!!!!!! I was naive, may be a bit foolish,and impatient, I almost got carried away by the sweet lips, and I could sense she was daring for more just like the advert quote of a popular softdrink company. I couldn’t resist it any longer, but I was brewing in fears as I couldn’t imagine such could happen.

Alas!!!!😡, I woke up only to realized and understand that it was just a dream, I was shocked and dumbfounded and these three questions just popped up from my heart :
a) what cause this bizzare dream?.
b) if you were in my shoe, will you go for this young beautiful friend of mine?.
c) And lastly, what about the obloquy that will surround the relationship, if the dream should come to pass?.

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About Amoo Yusuf {Hamyz}

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